Wellbeing Toolkit

To support you with information at your fingertips, Wellness Options at Work has gathered practical resources in a convenient toolkit. The toolkit resources are encouraged to assist you, or any team member, to bring a focus to wellbeing when facilitating a meeting or huddle. Plus, the resources may also be valuable when mentoring and coaching team members.

What is included in the Toolkit?
Wellness Options at Work provides the tools, so you can prepare for and execute 1-5-minute activities for your huddle or team meeting. The toolkit includes:

  • Activity overview
  • Instructions – including preparation, facilitation and wrap-up
  • Supporting resources – including take-aways to keep your team engaged
  • Feedback loop – an opportunity to provide comments to enhance the toolkit

What topics are addressed in the Toolkit?
Wellness Options at Work presents a collection of programs and resources to support staff and physician wellbeing and many resources can be discovered on the blog. The toolkit provides a sampling of quick and effective activities that can be incorporated into a huddle or team meeting.

Living Well: Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Learn how making smart lifestyle choices play an important role in your overall wellbeing – to feel your best and reap the benefits of good health.

Health Coaching: Achieve your best self
Learn to find strength and motivation to develop your personal path to wellbeing.

Healthy Environment: Create a healthy work environment
Learn how a healthy work environment can support your daily habits, help you stay engaged and feel happy at work.

Resilience: Build resilience and manage stress
Activities to help you release stress and build resilience, invite happiness, learn coping skills and foster compassion.

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