Happiness Calendar

To give yourself a daily infusion of inspiration, try starting your day with the Happiness Calendar (pdf), created by the Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) at the University of California-Berkeley. GGSC is committed to groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional wellbeing AND helping people apply this research into their personal and professional lives. In other words, “science you can use”!

You may ask, “What is the science of happiness?” The emerging field of neuroscience and positive psychology has now identified a few key ingredients for happiness:

  • Living a life of meaning or purpose
  • Seeking out, nurturing and prioritizing relationships, staying connected
  • Feeling and expressing gratitude
  • Learning to refresh and renew our minds regularly to keep worry, anxiety and negativity in check
  • Practicing self-compassion and self care
  • Experiencing awe frequently

n this well-thought out calendar (pdf) you will get a daily topic to contemplate with links to wonderful resources for deeper exploration. These topics can be used in team huddles, staff gatherings or at your own dinner table to elicit discussion. We hope you find this tool interesting and valuable, as GGSC is one of our favorite resources in Wellness Options at Work. You too can subscribe to their newsletter at ggsc.berkeley.edu.

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