Residents & Fellows

Residents and Fellows

UW Health (UWH) Graduate Medical Education is committed to ensuring that residents and fellows have direct access to resources and programs to promote work-life balance and overall wellbeing throughout training.

Staff and Provider Wellbeing Resources during COVID-19 Response
We are intentional about providing tools to maintain mental, emotional and physical resilience through the COVID-19 public health situation. Resources include access to Peer Support, Stress Management Line, Parent/Family Support and more.
Download the Emotional Wellbeing Resources Table (pdf)

Department of Psychiatry Mental Health Resource Guide
A guide to offer helpful information, expert tips, coping strategies, tools and best practices to support the well-being of individuals and families, as well as healthcare providers on the front-lines of this crisis and the patients they serve.

UW Health Wellness Options at Work
Living Well, Healthy Environment, Health Coaching and Resilience domains offer a plethora of resources. Bookmark the shortcut to any mobile device.

LifeMatters® Employee Assistance Program
Assistance with Life, Work, Family and Wellbeing ・24/7/365
Call: 1-800-634-6433
Text: “Hello” to 61295
Visit: LifeMatters and enter password: UWH1
Up to ten FREE confidential counseling sessions, per presenting concern, are available to residents and fellows. If you are referred to external resources, you will be advised about any costs, if any. Areas they provide assistance, but not limited to:

  • Stress, depression and personal problems
  • Balancing work and personal needs
  • Family and relationship concerns
  • Alcohol or substance dependency
  • Financial planning
  • Legal consultation
  • Child/Elder care resources

Crisis Textline: Text HOME to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

Corporate Discounts
Available discounts include health and wellness, goods and services, discounted event tickets and hotel rates.

University of Wisconsin- Madison offers resources through your Honorary Fellow appointment in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Highlights include:

The Whole Health Library is a collaborative effort of the VHA Office of Patient-Centered Care & Cultural Transformation, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Integrative Health Program. The resources may be used for personal or patient care.

Additional resources available to you:
  • Reach out to your program director and/or coordinator. Leigh Larson (GME Director) has an “open door” policy and is always ready and willing to help with resident concerns. Call 608-263-6602 or email
  • UW Health DIO Dr. Susan Goelzer at 608-263-2704 or
  • Visit UW House Staff Association
    • UW House Staff Association (UWHA) is an independent organization run by UW Health Fellows and Residents to address issues directly affecting you during your residency and fellowship. UWHA offers educational programming and social events to enhance your residency and fellowship experience.  For work/life balance support, social networking opportunities, and other resources contact
  • To support your significant other during your time as a resident/fellow, we invite your spouse or significant other to join our UW Significant Other Society (SOS). SOS holds events and social gatherings where your significant other can spend time with those in a similar situation and acclimate to life in Madison. Visit for more information or contact
Mindfulness in the Medical Community

Residency training can be stressful; it is important to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally so that you can get the most out of your educational experience. Physician and assistant professor Vinny Minichiello shares techniques he learned with first-year family medicine residents. Take a breath, and see for yourself.

additional information

A number of resources across the country have been developed to promote physician wellness. Here is a sampling of them:

ACGME Physician Wellbeing Resources
The ACGME has created this page to share with programs, institutions, residents, and fellows resources that promote a culture of wellbeing and provide support for burnout, depression, or suicide.

ACGME, Mayo Clinic, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Partnership
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was founded on research, and we develop evidence-based programs using the latest science on suicide prevention.

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