Drink It Up: Water Challenge

Drink It Up: Water Challenge encourages you to notice how staying hydrated can benefit your physical and mental health. This challenge will help you experience all the benefits of staying hydrated while you develop a healthy habit in the process!

Water makes up two-thirds of your body and is your most important nutrient. Water acts as an internal “car wash” by assisting in digestion, flushing out toxins, regulating body temperature and promoting healthier skin. Water is essential to good health.

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How It Works:
All registered participants will have the option of using a tracking card (pdf), which can be found on the brochure, or a water tracking app on a smartphone or computer. This way you can manually keep track of how many fluids you consume each day.

This program is ongoing, so you can begin this three-week challenge at any time. Use any water bottle as a reminder to drink throughout the day. Record how much you’re consuming on your tracking card or smartphone app. Our suggestion is to aim for “8 ounces of water, 8 times per day” and can be adjusted according to your lifestyle. Each week you will receive helpful tips and resources about staying hydrated. After three weeks of tracking your progress, send your tracking card or a screenshot of your app with three-week results to Wellness Options at Work to receive a prize!

Suggested tracking apps:


IMPORTANT NOTE: UW Health policy 13.01 defines specific locations where food and beverages may be consumed in clinical settings. The presence of a cover on a drink container does not change application of this policy. Check with your manager if you have questions where you can safely eat food or consume beverages in your specific work location.

That being said, the Drink It Up: Water Challenge encourages you to drink maintain adequate hydration, but also think outside of the box to stay hydrated. A few suggestions may include:

  • Setting a timer on vibration-mode to remind yourself to visit your designated area for a hydration break
  • Consider drinking an extra few ounces before work, during your lunch break, and after work to make up for the time spent in unpermitted areas of water consumption
  • The “8 ounces of water, 8 times per day” phrase is a suggestion that can be adjusted according to your lifestyle
  • For some people with kidney, liver or heart conditions drinking 64 oz of fluids daily may be too much. Please check with your primary care provider before beginning this program

View the UW Health policy 13.01: Restrictions on Food and Beverage Consumption (pdf)

Note: We are limiting participants to one Drink It Up prize per year. We encourage you to continue this healthy habit and stay hydrated!

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