TRI the Challenge – Summer: Resources for Success

During the extended daylight hours of summer, there are often more opportunities for each of us to get outside and be active. The focus of our summer-based TRI The Challenge program is to encourage you to take full advantage of the weather through three unique aerobic activities.  

We’ve compiled a list of resources and information that may help you more seamlessly incorporate each of the TRI The Challenge activities into your exercise routine over your chosen time period of 4, 6 or 8-weeks.

Run/Walk – 26.2 miles

Walking Routes: More than 95 mapped walking routes are available from UW Health locations to assist you in completing your run/walk goal. Depending upon your availability, choose the distance that best fits into your day.

Outdoor Activity: Finding green space or a court for an outdoor activity of choice (i.e. soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis) is a great way to incorporate movement and help you reach your run/walk goal.

  • Utilize a fitness tracker or mobile app that tracks your distance traveled or translates your steps into a distance
  • On average, 2,000-2,500 walking steps/mile and 1,000-2,000 running steps/mile – depending on your respective stride length as counted by a pedometer, fitness watch or your phone’s motion sensor
Bike – 112 miles

Commuting Options (pdf): Wisconsin is a bike-friendly state! Bicycling is also a cost effective and enjoyable means of transportation. Our commuters guide will help you get started and provide you with information regarding safety, benefits, routes and showering options.

Madison BCycle: Madison BCycle is a bicycle sharing program. Riders can check out an e-bike at any kiosk, ride to their destination and park at a BCycle dock closest to that destination. UW Health employees are eligible for the $30 Annual Pass discounted rate (a $70 savings). With a new fleet of electric bikes, these pedal-assisted bikes are great for all fitness levels and the assistance can be turned on/off whenever you like.

Swim/Row – 2.4 miles swim or 19,130 meters row

Health and Wellness Discounts:  Whether you choose to swim, row or do a combination of both for this leg of TRI The Challenge, you may need access to equipment, a fitness facility, pool or lake.  View the Corporate Discounts page on UConnect for fitness facilities that offer a discount to UW Health employees.

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